Most Popular Fruit Machines in UK


Online betting and gambling are quite popular in the United States, which is home to the world’s best slot machine makers.They only face regional competition from countries such as Japan and Germany and have a stronghold over the industry.

The UK slot machine manufacturers concentrate mostly on pub slots – or fruit machine as it’s endearingly called in its taverns. It’s basically a slang for the slot machines of the United States. Below we try to present some of the best fruit machines and their providers in the United Kingdom.

ACE – Abbreviation for ACE Coin Entertainment, ACE is based in Cardiff. They began their journey with classic pub slots like Robin Hood, and have since expanded to such an extent that they are currently the UK’s top slotbrands.

Bell-Fruit Games – One of the hugely popular brands,immediately recognized by its famous three bells logo, Bell-Fruit Games is another industry leader. It has been acquired by the Novomatic Group of Companies, and currently boasts of slots such as Football Crazy, Public Enemy, Red Hot Ibiza, among others.

BarCrest – Founded way back in 1968, Barcrest has been a subsidiary of Scientific Games since 2011. They’re famous for their famous citrus themed arcade.

One of the significant differences between fruit machines and slot machines is the number of ways one can win. Fruit machines are leaner and have a single win line, but are just as entertaining as compared to their bulkier, US counterparts.

The best Fruit machines use various combinations, colorful symbols, sound effects etc. They also offer in-built videos to make the overall experience fun and worthwhile.

Some of the most popular Fruit Machines

in UK are listed below:

Fruit Fiesta :

Minimum Bet: 0.05, Maximum Bet: 3.5

Fruit Fiesta’s 5 reel version is an
improvement upon the 3 reel one of some years ago. It features talking fruits
like watermelons, plums, oranges, while also non-fruity symbols like bells.

Fruit Madness:

Minimum Bet: 0.05, Maximum Bet: 90

With its familiar feel and overall cute
interface, Fruit Madness is one of the classiest fruit machines there is. It
features symbols like a jolly orange, goggle-eyed berry, even
a mustachioed lemon. Fun, right!

Fruit Mania:

Minimum Bet: 1.25, Maximum Bet: 1.25

Fruit Mania is big, bright, and bold. Unafraid
to experiment, it’s both a balance of classic and the modern.

Fruit Slots:

Minimum Bet: 0.25, Maximum Bet: 15

Fruit Salad offers a no-frills, no-nonsense
gaming experience. The sounds and the graphics are basic but
quite colorful and effective.

Fruit Salad:

Minimum Bet: 0.25, Maximum Bet: 15

Presented to you by Microgaming, Fruit Salad
has quite an old, retro vibe to it.